Transplanting starts

Managing a sprouting space. This last bout of spring weather has really heated the greenhouse up and the seedlings are loving it. They are taking off so much that it is becoming a juggling act of sorts to manage starters that are getting a little leggy.

We’ve now moved our cucumber starts to bigger 2 gallon pots, the tomatoes to bigger quart size pots and the basil babies in a greenhouse bed after adding a couple loads of homegrown compost and feeding the soil some compost tea. The greens (arugula, watercress, mixed and others) continue to grow and we just keep filling in non-sprouting areas with more broadcasted seeds.

We just had a few first cuttings and the greens will now be included in Cyprus Cafe’s menu starting today until they’re gone! So, go try some of our spicy arugula and other tasty greens.

Up next, is figuring out the broccoli starts, as you can see to the left… their getting a little big for their britches. We’ve prepped the outside beds by adding a layer of compost on top of a seasoned layer of horse manure from last year and then double-dug them. We also fed them a little yummy compost tea too. So, now we’re thinking of planting our little broccoli starts and covering them with a small hoop-house structure or just row cover. Any suggestions on starting to plant cool crop starts outside in SW Colorado? Will row cover keep them warm enough when a freak storm blows through in April? Share your knowledge por favor…


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